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The Oneida County Volunteer Firemen's Association consists of sixty-five Volunteer Fire Departments across Oneida County. We work with officials on both local and state levels in order to make the fire and emergency medical services more efficient. There are thousands of hours devoted to the safety and well-being of our community by the men and women who staff these departments.

Due to the pandemic, we had to cancel nearly all of our fund raising event’s creating less funds on which to operate. One example is the Robert Kohlbrenner Fire & Life Safety Expo which previously hosted nearly 1,000 students throughout Oneida County. We offer this event as well as others to foster communication within the community, businesses, schools and organizations who are interested in the fire safety and service.

It is our greatest hope that you may offer some monetary assistance, no matter what the offering might be … each and every donation would help keep our organization moving forward and having the ability to continue to do the great community service we offer.


OCVFA Fundraiser, organized by Stefany Scharf

Want to join us in making a difference? We're raising money to benefit Oneida County Volunteer Firemen… Stefany Scharf needs your support for OCVFA Fundraiser


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Hey all,
Fundraising help needed for the OC Fire Police Assoc.
I'm offering a discount....
$2.00 each
3 for $5.00 (I'll pay the balance of $1.00)
6 for $10.00 (I'll pay the balance of $2.00)
You can send check to ocvfpa, pay through messenger, or I can meet up with you!
Upon payment you can give me your favorite numbers and we'll get you set!
Thank you in advance!. 

Candance Owen or Jim Kuhn



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